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How can I increase my online store resale? 6 ideas available

Apparently, every online store owner would like shoppers to order from him again and again, each time bringing the store a profit. Re-sales in online stores bring good profits, increase the loyalty of repeat customers and increase the audience’s loyalty to the company. Here’s how to maximize your online store resale? Let’s talk about this further.

It has been proven on many occasions that regular shoppers make an online store more profitable on average than casual new customers. The high level of trust here plays a role, which usually makes it easier for shoppers to make a big purchase at the store where they have previously placed orders and were able to verify their reliability and safety.

In any online store, if at least the minimum requirements for quality of goods and service are retained, there are. But, unfortunately, not always the share of such sales is high. What are some ways you can push your buyer to re-order and increase that? Here are some basic options.

Sell ​​what meets the requirements of buyers

If in the current order the buyer has received the goods that do not satisfy his requirements, then it is no longer necessary to count on re-purchase. Accordingly, the assortment of goods of an online store should be such that buyers really want to make a re-order here.

Competently execute the current order of the buyer

It is unlikely that the buyer will come to the store for a new order if he or she has encountered difficulties or even troubles while making a current purchase. That is why the foundation for growing repeat orders is the highest quality in all aspects of service. To do this, the buyer must first get the goods ordered, and if there are any difficulties, the store should in every way help the buyer to cope with them.

Do something useful for the buyer

The main concerns of an online store are to accept the order, process it and deliver it to the buyer. To drive resale, you need to go beyond this minimum and do something for buyers that other stores may or may not know about. For example, you can notify the buyer of the receipt of his order at the warehouse of the postal company or, for example, to specify in advance the buyer’s convenient time of courier delivery – as they say, a trifle, and it is nice.

Offer a small bonus

The best incentive to re-purchase is a nice bonus to the current one. This bonus can be anything, for example, a discount on the next order, free delivery of the next order, inexpensive useful gift. Of course, the cost of the bonus must be correlated with the cost of the order.

Do a little more than the buyer expects

The buyer is always pleased to receive a little more than he expects when ordering. And it does not have to be something material: sometimes prompt confirmation of the order by the manager and sending the order on the same day are valued by the buyers no less than material gifts.

Implement a loyalty program

Loyalty program for regular customers is a practice that is relevant not only online but also in regular stores. The bonuses under this program can be offered differently: a cumulative system of discounts, discounts for each N purchase, a gift in each N order, etc. The main thing is that the buyer understands: the more he will do in the order store, the more benefits or nice bonuses he will be able to get.

The growth of online sales in online stores is influenced by many different factors, and in each case they can be individual, so it is best not to use one of the above options to stimulate buyers to repeat orders, but several, choosing from them which ones suitable for a particular store.

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