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Creating Online Stores: Linking Pages
Creating online stores requires attention to even the smallest details, and even more so it is impossible to avoid the issue of internal re-linking of sites of this type. Competent…

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What Communication Methods to Choose for an Online Store?

In order for a successful online store to work, it is important to always stay in touch with customers, both regular and potential customers. Fortunately, online stores today have many ways to reach their target audience, so the choice is huge. But such a wide variety at the same time leads to some confusion: what exactly are the means of communication to choose?

Even at the stage of acquaintance with the range of products presented in the online store, potential buyers may have a desire to communicate with the representatives of the store. For example, it is quite reasonable that potential buyers may want to know about the availability of certain products, the relevance of prices, the available payment and shipping options. It doesn’t matter if the information you need is listed on the store pages: it is often important for users to get a “live” confirmation that a product is worth the price of what is stated on the page, and you can pay for the order one way or another.

When it comes to ordering directly, keeping in touch with online store buyers is even more important. At a minimum, you must confirm in some way that the order has been received and, if necessary, provide information to pay for the order. And, of course, it is important to stay in touch in case of any problems, issues, misunderstandings.

Thus, there is no doubt that the online store simply needs to have some ways of communicating with buyers. But over the question of what kind of communication options to offer to your target audience, online shop owners think often enough. Will only the mobile number be sufficient? Or maybe just e-mail is enough? Do you need online messengers? Let us dwell on the main options.


Obviously, this method of communication simply must be presented in the online store, because it is by phone that many buyers prefer to contact representatives of stores to get the information they need as quickly as possible. In addition, there is an important factor in “live” communication: when a potential buyer communicates with a real person, he is more likely to trust the online store.

Typically, small online stores have just one or two mobile numbers from popular carriers. But when it comes to a large store with a large base of goods and customers, in order to ensure telephone communication with buyers at the proper level, one has to think about buying multichannel landline phones, connecting phones of the type “8-800” (free for those who call ), connecting virtual PBXs, and more.


An online store needs to have a contact e-mail to perform several tasks at once, such as, for example, sending confirmation letters, order payment information, promotional messages, and more. It’s very useful for an email to be “branded”, that is, say, or

By the way, if the online store has several e-mail addresses, then buyers should be clear on which of them they can ask questions about the order. In addition, it is important to determine how quickly emails are processed so that buyers understand how long they should wait for a response.

Online messengers

Until recently, the mobile phone and e-mail were not enough to communicate with online store buyers. But nowadays, the gentleman’s set of online store contacts is being expanded by various online messengers. It is really convenient and advantageous to use such means of communication, but it is important not to “overdo it”, adding all the messengers in a row. You only have to choose a couple of the most relevant ones for the target audience of the store, say, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype.

Social networks

If we mention that nowadays a huge number of people are on social networks online practically all the time, then communication with buyers through social networks can be called convenient and prompt way of communication. Depending on the capabilities of a particular social network, you can write messages to users, either on behalf of a brand group or page, or from store manager accounts. The advantage of this method of communication is that it is free of charge.

Online consultant

Just recently, having an online consultant online store was considered to be a must, but practice has shown that in all cases, the online consultant is really convenient and useful for buyers. As a rule, the main disadvantage of such services is their obsession: the buyer did not have time to look at the page, and he was almost half of the screen flooded consultant window.

Whichever way you choose to shop for an online store, when it comes to offering users a particular option, it’s always important to specify how quickly you should expect answers, how long your calls are received, online messages, and more. AND,

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