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Custom Website Creation: Fast Or Right?
 Custom website creation is now done by dedicated web design studios, web development departments at large IT companies, freelancers working individually. In each case, site customers receive both advantages and…

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Custom Website Creation: Fast Or Right?
 Custom website creation is now done by dedicated web design studios, web development departments at large IT companies, freelancers working individually. In each case, site customers receive both advantages and…

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Using messengers on business sites: advantages and disadvantages

Today, many business websites often list online messengers as well. This is in line with recent trends, but not everyone can effectively use messengers on business sites. The main advantages and disadvantages of this variant of communication with site visitors will be discussed in more detail below.

At the dawn of the web design, the phone number and e-mail address of the site contacts were enough to keep in touch with users. And no one was surprised if you had to wait for hours or even days. Now, business site owners cannot afford the luxury: if a user does not get a prompt response to their request, they will easily go to another site and be able to become a competitor customer.

This is why maintaining real-time communication with your prospects is so important today. For this purpose, companies launch pages and groups on social networks, and add in their contact information information about the messengers used, in order to stay with their potential customers at least 24 hours a day.

The advantages of messengers over more traditional e-mail communication are quite significant. Here are just the main ones.

High level of trust in the messenger as a channel of communication

If the site offers the user communication in the same messengers in which he is used to “chat” with relatives, he will be comfortable to use this method of communication, and the level of trust in the site will be higher.

Instant client notification

Online messengers send instant messaging alerts and users often have to check the same email manually. Therefore, the speed of response to messages that come in the messenger is much higher. And if an issue needs to be addressed promptly, it is especially important.

Possibility of long-term dialogue

Messengers are also good in that they allow you to “effortlessly” pick up the entire history of communication and, if necessary, find the information you need. It takes a lot more effort in the same email.

The ability to use chatbots

If, for some reason, a real-time company representative cannot respond to users, then a chat bot can come to the rescue. In addition, in many cases, it is the use of chatbots and the whole concept of communication with clients in messengers is built, which allows the site users to receive the desired information as quickly as possible or perform the desired operations.

Advantages of messengers over phone calls are also available. For example, one of the most significant is the savings in long-distance communication, because when using online messengers you only have to pay for the internet. In addition, messengers allow not only text but also media to be exchanged, which ordinary telephone communication cannot provide.

Despite all the benefits, online messengers have not yet replaced e-mail or telephone communication on business sites. This is due to the fact that there are messengers and some disadvantages.

Customers can write in messengers at different times

And expect an immediate response. Especially if you can see that a company representative is online. The solution to the problem is to allocate a separate number to the messengers, clearly indicating the hours of operation. It will also help to set up an answering machine that will let users know when to expect answers.

Smartphone tethering

Although many messengers have a web interface, often the maximum list of features is available only to users of the mobile version. This means that in order to keep in touch with customers, you must constantly have a smartphone with Internet access at hand.

Using messengers on business sites with their specific features can be of great benefit. For example, they can be used to advise clients, receive orders, book reservations, share promotions and special offers, and even self-service. All you have to do is choose messengers that are relevant to the interests of your target audience and your business goals.

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