Effective Site Creation

Promo code system in online store: benefits and application features
One popular way to increase sales in online stores is to introduce a promotional code system that gives shoppers the right to receive a discount, gift, or other bonus that…

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Site production: preparation of materials by the customer
Website production: preparation of materials by the customer. Site production is a rather complicated and responsible process, so usually the site is entrusted to professionals. However, even by selecting the…

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Creating an online store: The main types of targeted visitors
When creating any site, especially an online store, it is very important to clearly identify your future visitors - your target audience. Depending on what the target audience will be,…

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Choosing a domain name for the site

One of the first stages of site creation is the step of choosing a domain name selection. Choosing a domain name for the site is important, because the name of the site will not depend on the success of the site. How do I choose a domain name?

The question of how to name the site, the site owners are asked in the first stages of development. This is not surprising, since the chosen domain name for the site and its overall concept have a great mutual influence on each other.

Choosing a domain name for a site is made according to several important criteria, including the length of the name, its relevance to the subject matter of the site, as well as its memorability for users. Continue reading

Website creation: what an internet startup is

In general, the concept of “startup” can refer to any project that is actively developing, or in general, any company that is not very long ago, but thus quickly began its activity. But most often startups are called bold innovative projects implemented through the Internet. Such projects are called internet startups. What is an Internet Startup?

The main thing that distinguishes an internet startup from any other Internet project is the uniqueness of its idea, the presence of some “highlight”, which allocates this resource among competitors. Continue reading

Creating HTML site

It is accepted that only large companies with high financial resources need complex sites with many different information, and small business representatives can manage modest HTML pages. In reality, this is not true at all, and today, though large, though a small company can afford to create a site of varying levels of complexity: from simple information to complex corporate.

Until recently, the creation of an HTML site was the only opportunity for a small company to declare itself on the Internet, because sites of a more sophisticated level were simply inaccessible to the modest financial appetites of such companies. Continue reading

Creation of sites with support of touch management

Nowadays, when computer tablets, cell phones, and other modern gadgets operate on touch controls, it is important to create sites that support such controls. Otherwise, visitors (who are getting more and more mobile) will be deprived of the ability to quickly and conveniently access the necessary information on the site. Creating sites with support for touch management – a smart step towards mobile users.

One of the main tasks of developing sites with touch management is to provide visitors to such sites an interface. that will properly respond to their actions. Continue reading

Creating a turnkey online store

Online shopping is one of the most popular types of sites nowadays, because it allows you to sell products of the company directly in the online mode, earning it a good profit. The success of online sales largely depends on the quality and professionalism of the online store, which is why a service such as the creation of a turnkey online store is very popular.

Features of creating an online store turnkey
Creating a turnkey online store, however, like any other site, involves several steps, each of which performs several important tasks. Thus, in the first stage of creation, the concept of the future of the online store is carefully considered, the needs of its target audience are analyzed, the ways of solving the problems set before the online store. Continue reading

Creating an online store and boosting sales through cross-selling
The main purpose of creating an online store is, of course, to make a profit through the sale of various goods. And the bigger these sales, the higher the profit.…


Do small businesses need an intranet portal?
Generally, large corporations, whose number of employees are thousands and even tens of thousands, are often thought of as creating their own intranet portal. And is such a portal needed…


Online store development: additional services
From an end-user perspective, the core functionality of any average online store includes a product catalog, a virtual shopping cart, an order form, and online payment. But in recent times,…


Online shopping: how to make the right decision?
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