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E-commerce trends in 2018
In online commerce, there are certain trends from year to year, setting the direction of development of e-commerce sites. Here are some of the key trends in 2018, followed by…

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Creating a site for a small business: what to choose?
Today, the creation of the site as a tool for improving the efficiency of doing business is chosen by both representatives of large businesses and representatives of small companies. And…

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Creating an online store and boosting sales through cross-selling
The main purpose of creating an online store is, of course, to make a profit through the sale of various goods. And the bigger these sales, the higher the profit.…

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Promo code system in online store: benefits and application features

One popular way to increase sales in online stores is to introduce a promotional code system that gives shoppers the right to receive a discount, gift, or other bonus that increases loyalty. The details of what a promotional code system can be like in an online store and how promotional codes can be used will be discussed in more detail below.

The promo code is a kind of password that the buyer enters when ordering and receives some rewards for that. As a rule, promotional codes contain combinations of numbers and letters, they can be both individual, intended for a particular buyer, and generic. Continue reading

What Communication Methods to Choose for an Online Store?

In order for a successful online store to work, it is important to always stay in touch with customers, both regular and potential customers. Fortunately, online stores today have many ways to reach their target audience, so the choice is huge. But such a wide variety at the same time leads to some confusion: what exactly are the means of communication to choose?

Even at the stage of acquaintance with the range of products presented in the online store, potential buyers may have a desire to communicate with the representatives of the store. Continue reading

Do I need a mobile version of a small business site?

Interest in the mobile segment of the Internet audience today is as high as ever: the number of users accessing sites from mobile devices is constantly growing and search engines are actively calling for optimization of sites for mobile audiences. In this situation, the owners of large companies have long been in a hurry to get mobile versions of their sites, but it is completely different with small business representatives. Do I need a mobile version of a small business site?

Small businesses tend to create business sites with a minimum of features to ensure that they have an online presence on the one hand, and on the other hand to fit within a rather modest budget that can be allocated to development. Continue reading

Do small businesses need an intranet portal?

Generally, large corporations, whose number of employees are thousands and even tens of thousands, are often thought of as creating their own intranet portal. And is such a portal needed for small companies with, say, only around 400-500 employees or even fewer? It turns out that even in this case, the intranet portal can be useful, and let’s now consider why.

In many cases, intranet portals are better for companies than regular sites, and quite often they serve as a more affordable alternative to expensive CRM or ERP systems. And when it comes to small companies, this statement is also true. Continue reading

E-commerce trends in 2018

In online commerce, there are certain trends from year to year, setting the direction of development of e-commerce sites. Here are some of the key trends in 2018, followed by online stores of all sizes and topics. We will go into more detail about what e-commerce trends are most relevant in 2018.

Perhaps the most important trend this year, as well as several previous ones, can be called the development of mobile e-commerce. Today, the share of mobile shoppers in online stores is extremely large, which is why adapting to smartphones and tablets or creating a separate mobile application is an integral part of any modern online store. Continue reading

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