Effective Site Creation

Designing an online store: how to handle the goods out of stock
When designing an online store, it is always important to consider even the small details and nuances at first glance. For example, great care should be taken when designing an…

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Creating online stores and optimizing your shopping cart
A number of online store owners say that often enough, many orders are broken into the shopping cart when, for some reason, customers do not press the "Confirm Order" button.…

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Creating an online store and boosting sales through cross-selling
The main purpose of creating an online store is, of course, to make a profit through the sale of various goods. And the bigger these sales, the higher the profit.…

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Effective Site Creation: Why Learn at Groupon?

Today, Groupon (groupon.com) is very popular. The basic idea of ​​this site is to offer users a variety of profitable daily “deals” available locally at their place of residence. The Groupon site makes effective sales every day, but how does it work? It turns out here is something to learn for any other site.

Effective creation of sites is one of the most important tasks of modern web design. Efficiency is achieved through a variety of tools and techniques. Continue reading

Creating a social network

Creating a social network is a popular service nowadays, which is in great demand, because in connection with the great success of various social networks, more and more new Internet projects are being launched today aimed at bringing people together with common interests and hobbies, bringing together classmates, classmates, neighbors, colleagues, and more.

Social networks have become a part of modern life, and even inexperienced Internet users today have at least one account on one of the popular networks. Continue reading

Creating sites using the constructor

There are different ways to create sites now. One common way is to create sites using the constructor. What is a Website Designer? What can be done with the site builder?

Nowadays, at least the most unpretentious site should be in every company, regardless of its size and income. But while big business players can afford to buy full-fledged corporate sites that are quite expensive, small businesses are looking for ways to inexpensively build websites for their needs. Creating a site using a constructor is just one such inexpensive way. Continue reading

Site production: preparation of materials by the customer

Website production: preparation of materials by the customer. Site production is a rather complicated and responsible process, so usually the site is entrusted to professionals. However, even by selecting the appropriate contractor and contracting with him, the customer should not “stay away”: who, not the customer himself, knows best what he expects from the site and what he wants to tell future visitors with? Therefore, preparation of materials for the site by the customer is one of the obligatory stages of interaction in the creation of sites in a professional web studio. Continue reading

Creating an online store: usability

Creating an online store is now one of the popular ways to do business online. Offering various products to global network users, you can make sales no worse than offline, and often even better.

Online store usability plays a huge role in ensuring the online sales performance you need. If the usability level is too low, even with a high attendance at the online store, sales revenue will remain low.

Usability is, we can say, a set of qualities of an online store, which provides for potential buyers the opportunity to easily and quickly find the goods on the pages of the store, get the necessary information about this product, without difficulty find how to order, pay and receive the goods that they interested. Continue reading

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How to order a base-type site creation
If a company does not have its own website these days, it causes some potential distrust in its potential customers: does the company not hide something, since it still has…


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